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Health Issue: Spina Bifida

Frequently Asked Questions

The SBA National Resource Center has gathered the most frequently asked questions about Spina Bifida to allow easy access to important information.

If the answer to your question is not here, please contact the National Resource Center. The National Resource Center on Spina Bifida is the only clearinghouse of information exclusively dedicated to Spina Bifida – from finding the closest SBA Chapter for support to locating a Spina Bifida Clinic in your area. It draws from a breadth of resources and publications to help find the information you are searching for.

General Information:
Are there different types of Spina Bifida?
How often does Spina Bifida occur?
What are the costs associated with Spina Bifida?
How many people with Spina Bifida are there in the United States?
Does the Spina Bifida Association provide financial aid?

Risk of Spina Bifida:
Who is at risk for Spina Bifida?
Are certain ethnic groups more likely to have Spina Bifida?
What can be done to reduce the risk?
I’m pregnant and the baby has Spina Bifida. Do you have any information on Spina Bifida and fetal surgery?

Spina Bifida Rates:
How often does Spina Bifida occur?
How often does Spina Bifida occur in my state? How does this compare to the national average?
Are there certain regions of the country where the rates of Spina Bifida are higher?

Living with Spina Bifida:
Where are accessible summer camps?
I’m an adult with Spina Bifida. What’s out there to help me?
How can I help my child achieve urinary continence and bowel control?
What’s the Agent Orange Benefits Act and what does it cover?
What are the symptoms of shunt malfunction in hydrocephalus?
Are there any learning disabilities associated with Spina Bifida?